Dick Walsh brings his uncommonly instinctive, jack-of-all-trades approach to the WINTER SHED EVENT. Straddling the worlds of art, fashion and design, both here and abroad, he is the event’s humorously self-proclaimed “winter shed curator.” Nicknamed the “Wow Master,” he has collaborated with such big names as Dior, Valentino, Shiseido, MAC, Gaultier, Bergdorf Goodman, Céline Dion, Grammy’s, OSM and Guggenheim. The featured selection at this year’s event includes his personal favourites and one-of-a-kind discoveries, including creations by Rémi Racine, Joffrey Dumas (FRIGID) and Olicorno. Welcome to a world of passion and inspiration! 



Joffrey Dumas, aka FRIGID, is a multidisciplinary artist who has been working in the field of beauty for over 20 years. A renowned head makeup artist as well as a musician, DJ and producer with several albums to his credit, Dumas started exploring the idea of launching a line of exhilarating, stylized luxury soaps in 2014, taking a “haute couture” approach to skincare. His commitment to raising environmental awareness was the impetus behind the creation of the 7 Deadly Soaps. Handcrafted using organic ingredients, the distinctly branded soaps are a blessing for the soul and a sensual invitation to indulge in the finer things. 



Artist and designer Rémi Racine is the master of his art, in every sense. After expressing his creative vision through fashion and clothing for many years, he is now tapping into his expert knowledge of fabrics and interior/event design to reinvent the look of everyday items. His ingenuity, dexterity and free spirit lend themselves to practically any material. Every one of his creations is unique and an ode to the beauty of the ephemeral.


Self-taught performance artist and contemporary painter Olicorno expresses himself through paintings, artistic installations and art performances. In creating the brand Coquilles, he gave himself the mission of embellishing and giving life to objects that have a protective role, turning them into works of art. Phone and tablet cases, as well as caps are the first to be transformed. Each Coquilles item is created alongside Olicorno’s paintings, in his studio.